Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. One can register a profile for 'Self' as well as on behalf of Son, Daughter, Sibling or a Relative/Friend.
Yes, you need to enter a valid email address to create a profile. Email address is unique to every Profile and hence cannot be used to create or update another profile.
Yes. You can choose to keep the same Phone number if you have registered profiles for more than one member in the family. However, the number of active profiles you can keep with the same phone number is restricted to two. Also, we may mark one of the profiles as duplicate if the number is same. If we do so, we keep notifying you about it on home page and also send an Email informing you about it. In such a case, you may need to contact support and provide justification that the two profiles are different to be able to keep both the profiles live. Please note that if a profile is marked duplicate, it will no longer appear in search results until it is marked non-duplicate after your follow up with the support team.
All profiles registered on the site undergo a basic screening of content and photographs, post which it is made visible and searchable on the site. This process may take up to 24 hours

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Tushar Goel & Aditi Jain

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October 26, 2019

Anuvibhu and Niharika are one of those lovely couples who believe that spending time together can make a relationship strong. Anuvibhu has a beautiful message for his wife. Read on.. I start the conversation by asking Anuvibhu as to what he was looking for in his life partner? “More than a wife, I wanted a best friend and I found one in Niharika. She is simple, calm and beautiful.” How did it all start? “I was going through the app when I got a notification from Niharika. She is the first girl whose interest I accepted. Her description about herself was short and crisp.

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